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chapter 4.

Title :: Let me Live Free or Let Me Die. [Chapter 4//???]

Author :: ninja_x33 // meehhh.

Rating :: R for now?

Warnings :: Strong History Refrence, Language, Violence, Arranged Marriages, Feminene Men, ManxMan Relationships, Smut, Attempted Rape, Character Death. (Most of these will only happen if I continue..It's up to you guys.)

Pairings :: ShouxHiroto. KaixNao. ToraxSaga? (More to come..)

Characters :: Alice Nine, the GazettE.

Summary :: It happened in the Heian Era. Running from years 794 to 1185, Named after the capital city of Modern Kyoto.

Disclaimer :: I own nothing except the ideas I type down for you to read. I wish I owned them though.

The sun shone through clouds of light gray, drying what was left of the rain yesterday. The clans took their time with their travels today. Since a couple of them overslept, silently thanking the calm weather in their slumber..

[ Ogata Clan ]
"--No!" Akira yelled out in frustration. Kouyou was trying to make him ask Hiroto about Kazamasa.
"Oh, Come on! You know you want to know!" Kouyou yelled back. Shou was away from the campsite getting some water and fishing. Hiroto awoke to the yelling and sat up in the tent. Rubbing his eyes, he peeked out of the tent slightly to see the arguing pair by the abandoned campfire that went out overnight.
"Why don't you just ask, if you're so nosy?!" Akira asked the prodding other. Kouyou sighed "I'm not the one that has a crush on him! And, Keep it down, you might wake him!" Akira had his turn to sigh, "Well, You're the one who started it!" He then walked away from the other as he pointed to the tent Hiroto was in. Kouyou walked over to Hiroto's tent and saw him peeking "Good Morning, Hiroto!" Hiroto gasped, and fell back as he was suprised by Kouyou "Oh! Good Morning, Kouyou!! What a beautiful morning it is!" Kouyou smiled and helped Hiroto out of his tent, and at that moment, Kohara came walking back with a healthy amount of fish and their waters filled. "Wha- Kazamasa-kun! Thank you!" Hiroto bowed to him and smiled. Kohara gave Hiroto and Kouyou a warm smile, and Kouyou saw how Hiroto watched him put their belongings down before stretching his arms out. "Hiroto..May I--" Kouyou was cut off when Akira said something. "Finally you come back. Now, Who's turn is to cook today?" Hiroto blinked at the nosebandaged male "Yes! I will cook today!" Suzuki smiled at Ogata, and helped with igniting the fire then brought the fish over to Hiroto. "Thank you, Akira-kun." Akira smiled and he nodded, "It's no problem."

[ Sakamoto Clan ]
"Tora-kun, No! How can you be doing this?" Takashi yelled back at Tora, who was holding guns in both of his hands and pointed them at his noble men, Kai and Nao. "Takashi-chan..Can't you see? They're in the way. They don't want us to be together, they are out to kill me." Takashi shook his head as Tora spoke, "That's not true! Why would they want to kill you, Tora-kun?!" Nao sighed, and Kai got rather pissed at the situation, "Takashi-sama! Get it through your head! Tora is not his real name! It's -----"

Takashi woke up suddenly, gasping and holding his hand over his racing heart. "Wh..What was that? A nightmare...or some-kind of permenition..." He sighed and got out of the tent, being greeted by wonderful smells of the food that was being cooked by Yutaka at the fire. "Yutaka-san..Good morning.." Yutaka blinked and looked at Takashi, then bowed his head "Good Morning." Nao called out to Takashi, "Takaaaaaaashi-sama! Good Morning!!" Nao smiled and bowed his head also. "How did you sleep?" Takashi slowly nodded and rubbed the back of his head "Yeah, It was good. How was yours?" Murai smiled again and nodded, "It was good too!" Yutaka laughed, "Breakfast is served. We shall make it to Nijo Castle today." Sakamoto and Murai nodded, then they all began eating their breakfasts.

[ Amano Clan ]
"Good Morning, Bitches!" Takanori rudely yelled out, Yuu groaned at the shorter males' shouting, "Can't you shut up for at least one moment, Takanori?!" Shinji sighed and got out of his tent, then he kicked Matsumoto back and he let out a quite unmanly yelp. "Oh..god..I'm so tired..Let's eat..And set out on our freakin' trail already." Shinji nodded "You're right, Takanori. Go Cook. Go get some supplies Yuu." Yuu shrugged "Already, Ahead of you. He threw supplies Matsumoto could cook. "Get cooking." Takanori sighed and grumbled as he began to cook.

[ Ogata Clan ]
They all ate their breakfast together, and Akira didn't leave Hiroto's side the whole time. They kept talking, laughing, and just having fun together. Kohara felt abit uncomfortable at the scene, but he tried to not think about it as much so he chatted with Kouyou in the meantime. Akira and Hiroto we're walking to fill their water jugs for their travel. "So Hiroto, Are you and Kohara..Going out?" Hiroto blinked and blushed lightly "Eh, um, I don't know, but I know we kiss.." Akira sighed abit too loud and Hiroto heard it, "What's wrong, Akira-kun?" Suzuki simply shook his head and smiled at Hiroto "Come on, Let's fill these up." Hiroto smiled and nodded, then skipped over to fill two water jugs. He opened on and washed it out the current was abit rough since it had rained the other day. Hiroto slowly began to fill the jug, but the water spilled onto the grass as he tried to make it stand. "Oh no!" Akira laughed and nodded as he waited for Hiroto to finish, since he had already. Hiroto again washed it, then began filling it, but this time the current pushed him off the ledge and into the water "Ahh!" He screamed as the current was pushing him too far from the ledge "A-Akira!" Akira took no time to think, he dropped the jugs he was holding and jumped into the currents. "Hiroto!" He finally caught Hiroto into his arms and held onto him tightly above water, he looked around and saw a tree branch sticking out "Okay, Hiroto..Hold onto me tight." Hiroto was shaking from the cold and held onto Akira tightly for his life while nodding "O..Okay.." Suzuki grabbed the tree branch in time and he pulled them out of the currents, leaving them gasping for air as Hiroto coughed up some water. He picked the smaller male into his arms and carried him back to the campsite with the filled jugs. Kouyou and Kazamasa gasped as they saw the two soaking wet. "Hiroto, Akira! Are you two okay?" Akira nodded and laid Hiroto's still shivering body onto warm grass with sunlight. "Hiroto..Are you okay?" Hiroto nodded weakly, and he blinked as a warm blanket covered him and was hugged by Suzuki. "Ah..Thank you..Akira.." Suzuki nodded and held onto him tightly warming him up quickly. Kohara frowned and grabbed a blanket for Suzuki also "Here you go." Suzuki smiled lightly and bowed his head to Kohara. "Come on you guys, lets get ready to go." They all nodded, and Suzuki carried Hiroto on his back as they packed up and left onto the trail slowly to keep resting abit.

[ Sakamoto Clan ]
They we're now walking their trail to Nijo castle, and Shinji kept looking back as he was waiting to see someone. "Takashi-sama, Tora isn't going to be following us. I'm sorry." Yutaka frowned, and Nao looked back at Takashi who looked down after nodding "You're right." Then they all walked in silence on trail and just kept walking in the silence.

[ Amano Clan ]
"Matsumoto, You should totally own a food shop when we're old so I can bum offa you." Yuu laughed, and Shinji sighed after coming back from filling the jugs. "We are to reach the Imperial Castle today. Got it?" Yuu put away the supplies away, and nodded then smirked. "Can we plant some traps to catch some rabbits to delay them from their life abit?" Takanori smirked "Best idea you had all trip, Yuu." Yuu glared at the shorter male, and Shinji smirked "Yeah, let's do that. It sounds fun." They all grabbed ropes, arrows, nets, and some knives after putting their supploes away. "Okay, Let's do this about 55 inches to the east of that trail." Yuu smirked and they climbed trees to hang the nets and ropes that had knives and arrows ready to shoot out who ever tripped over the very thin piece of wire at the ground. Shinji tied the wire and Matsumoto did all the ropes attached to the wire that would trigger them to be shot, and Yuu climbed to tie the ropes and nets into place. "There we go, Now let's get to it." The two jumped off the trees and landed on the ground by Shinji then they walked off towards their destination.

[ Ogata Clan ]
Hiroto was now on his feet, walking with Akira in the back, Kohara in the middle and Kouyou in the front. Kouyou looked around "Someone's been here recently.." Kouyou stopped to look around, and Hiroto ran up to Kouyou leaving Kohara and Suzuki together as they stopped. "Eeek!" Hiroto yelled out as he tripped over a wire, Kouyou heard something and he jumped in front of Hiroto and a arrow shot above his shoulder and grazed his skin, he yelled out in pain. "K..Kouyou!" Hiroto cried as he saw the arrow, then he heard more things falling, but at that moment Akira threw some shuriken towards the ropes cutting them and they dropped to the floor. Kohara ran to the pair and saw the net, he brought out his sword, slashing the net and it was pieces. "There we go." Akira looked at one more tree "One more, Duck!!" Hiroto screamed as he saw another arrow coming, Shou tried to push Hiroto and Kouyou out of the way, he successfly did but not quick enough, Kouyou's leg was grazed by another arrow, causing him to fall to the floor. "Oh no!" Akira jumped from the tree he was in then Hiroto brought out his first aid kit, and treated Kouyou's wounds, after bandaging it he sighed. "How did this?!" Akira picked up a knife that belonged to the person behind this, "Amano. It was them, god dammit. Hiroto, you're not hurt also right?" Hiroto shook his head and frowned, "We should eat lunch here, and rest abit till Kouyou gets his strength back." Kouyou was resting peacefully on a straw mat with a blanket over him, and Kohara nodded. They all began eating their lunch together, and saved Kouyou's till later.

[ Sakamoto Clan ]
They we're sitting on some rocks and they we're a couple miles away from Nijo Castle. Takashi drank some of his water, sighed, then looked up at the sky. "It's nice out today." Nao and Yutaka sighed and frowned as they watched Takashi look so gloomy. " really need to cheer him up." Nao pouted, and Yutaka smiled lightly then patted Nao's head "Yeah, we will, once we get to Nijo castle, We will." Nao nodded and smiled then got up to his feet, walking over to Takashi "Come on, Takashi-sama, Cheer up just abit okay? Maybe we'll see Tora at Nijo Castle, ne?" Takashi smiled lightly and nodded "Yeah, maybe. Thanks Nao. Let's get going ne?" Nao smiled and they all began their trail again.

[ Amano Clan ]
They finally made their way into the Imperial Castle, Shinji smirked and looked around, then saw his crow flying over them. Takanori, and Yuu looked up and walked with Shinji to the gates of the Castle. "So, This is where the Imperial Family lives. Pretty cool." Shinji smirked and walked into the castle with his two henchmen. The imperial guards stared at the three men that made their way to the gates. "Wow, Wow, We even got ourselves our own welcoming committee. Sweet." Takanori smirked and kept his hands behind his head as he walked. Yuu smirked at all the guards, then stood behind Shinji as they were in frong of the gate now. The gates opened to the castle, and the three immediately walked in. Emperor and Empress Ogata sat at their places in the meeting room, and the three young men walked in and sat before the royal couple. "Good Morning, Ogata.." Shinji smirked "We seemed to made it earlier than expected. I'm guessing that's what is going through your minds, right?" Matsumoto and Shiroyama took their time looking around the meeting room as they spoke. "Yes, quite early indeed. We we're told you wouldn't be here till two more days or so." Takuhiro spoke, and Fuushiko sipped her tea silently after the maids poured everyone a cup of tea. "I'm sure you guys haven't eaten, so we brought this banquet to nourish youselves from your travels." Fuushiko spoke elegantly and the maids at that moment brought in all the food. "Enjoy."

[ Ogata Clan ]
They began their journey as soon as Kouyou ate some food, now Kouyou walked with Hiroto in the front and they chatted with each other. "Ne, Hiroto, who do you like by the way? Kohara, or Suzuki?" Hiroto blushed lightly as Kouyou asked him that sudden question. "Oh..I don't really know. I..They're both really nice to me, and they both make me smile. But..I don't know.." Kouyou frowned "You should pick one ne, and not keep the other one waiting for nothing right?" Hiroto giggled "I'll think about it. I'll pick soon." Suzuki and Kohara was in the back of the other two, speaking small conversations occasionally. "So, You like Hiroto right, Kohara?" Kohara looked back at Suzuki "So what if I do. Do you?" Akira looked back and glared abit "And. So what of it. He doesn't belong to you, right? You guys aren't dating." It was not Kazamasa's turn to glare, and he grabbed Akira by his collar "Don't test me, if you get in my way, I'll kill you and whoever else is in my way." Akira smirked, "Kill me, Hiroto will hate you. It's obvious he likes the both of us. I guess we'll just have to see who wins his heart." Kohara pushed Akira to the ground and the male on the ground glared darkly at the male starting to walk away, he kicked Kazamasa down and punched him on his cheek. Kazamasa growled and they started battling each other to the ground to punch or knee in various places. Hiroto and Kouyou looked back "He-Hey! You guys!" They ran over to the fighting pair and held one of the men that was on the floor back. Kazamasa was being held back by Hiroto, and Akira by Kouyou. "Stop it right now!" Hiroto frowned "We're all supposed to be friends!" It was obvious that Kohara nad Suzuki still wanted to fight and Hiroto fell back as he was shoved to the floor when Kazamasa pulled away. Kouyou gasped, and as Hiroto got up, he had tears streaming down his cheeks then he ran off. Kouyou glared at the two who stopped fighting finally, and watched Hiroto run away. "See what you guys did? He isn't an item, So stop treating him like one. Be men, not kids about it. Love is for adults, not children. Grow up!" Kouyou ran after Hiroto while calling his name. Akira and Kazamasa looked away from each other then they both sighed "Fine...I'--" They both said it at the same time, and they somewhat glared. "Let's go find Hiroto, before it gets dark.." Kohara sighed as Akira ran off into the woods where Kouyou followed Hiroto into, then Kohara did the same right after.
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