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Chapter Five. "Live Free or Let Me Die." [FAN-FIC]

Title :: Let me Live Free or Let Me Die. [Chapter 5//???]

Author :: ninja_x33 // meehhh.

Rating :: R for now?

Warnings :: Strong History Refrence, Language, Violence, Arranged Marriages(MalexMale), Feminene Men, ManxMan Relationships, Smut, Attempted Rape, Character Death. (Most of these will only happen if I continue..It's up to you guys.)

Pairings :: ShouxHiroto. KaixNao. ToraxSaga? (More to come..)

Characters :: Alice Nine, the GazettE.

Summary :: It happened in the Heian Era. Running from years 794 to 1185, Named after the capital city of Modern Kyoto.

Disclaimer :: I own nothing except the ideas I type down for you to read. I wish I owned them though.



Luminating, Full Moon, it was the source of light this late evening when the dark clouds had dissapated. The owls began hooting, throughout the forest, and there were yells that seemed to come from all directions. The small male was sitting against a tree, trying to stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. It was dark, and he was lost. He had run away from the scene, where Kohara, and Suzuki we're fighting.

"We're all supposed to friends!"

The small prince shook the thought away as it brought more tears to his eyes, and he blinked when he heard rustling in the bushes. Hiroto stared at the moving bushes, hiding behind the tree, peering to see if anything was going to come out. The sounds grew closer and closer, as he held onto the small knife he held inside his yukata if any danger we're to come. Suddenly...


"We're almost there, I think we should camp out here for the night. By midday, We should arrive at Nijo Castle."

Yutaka smiled, and set his items down onto the ground. Nao and Takashi done the same and they all began taking out their tents, setting them up, as Kai made the fire. They sat around it as they sighed in relief, they finally got to rest their tired limbs. Nao had brought out a jar, it had their tea, and he boiled it over the fire. When it was ready, they all shared a cup of tea together, looking up at the beautiful moon. The dark haired male had broken the silence, as Nao seemed to be dozing off lightly, and had excused himself moments ago to rest in the tent, he and Yutaka shared.

"Takashi-sama, Do you think the Ogata Clan is doing okay?"
"I'm sure, Hiroto and his guards, are doing fun. If his guards are any like you two, I'm sure he's more than safe."
"Takashi-sama, I'm honored to hear that. Thank you."
Takashi nodded, ".....How long before til' daylight?"
"Not til' a few, long hours, Prince. Why?"
Letting out a relieved sigh, and he also chuckled softly "I just feel so tired. I think we'll all sleep good tonight. With the moon watching over us."

Yutaka nodded, they both finished their tea, and he accompanied the prince to his tent. Making sure it was safely secure, then poured some water over the fire, and letting the smoke disappear into the dark night. He sighed as he now went into the tent, where his sleeping lover laid peacefully. Yutaka laid down next to Nao, brushing the hair out of his face, and closed his eyes falling into deep slumber.


Enjoying the banquet that was made for them, they also had some sake to go with that meal. Takanori patted his stomach in satsifaction, while Yuu used a toothpick to remove any remains of food in his teeth. Shinji smirked at the Imperial couple and let his two men just enjoy their satisfaction.

"Now, I came to discuss a proposal, My father has planned." The dark hair male spoke.

Hiroto's father, Takuhiro cleared his throat and held out his hand, telling the young male to speak, and his mother, Fuushiko looked at their guest.

"And what is it, Amano-kun?"
"He proposed that, he'll call off this war, if only we make amends. For that, I, Amano Shinji, wed your son, Ogata Hiroto. To show that our families have come together as one."
"I ref--" Fuushiko was about to manage out, but was stopped by her husband's firm arm held out in front of her.
"And what will this amend, do for the Ogata family? And of the Amano family?"
Shinji smirked, "Only that, We share the powers, equally, and the cities will be divided. Half for us, and the rest for you."

Silence grew over the whole room, and Takuhiro finally let out a sigh and shook his head. Fuushiko didn't even want to meet eyes with the guests, and she looked off to the side.

"I refuse to force my son into an arranged marriage. It's wrong in my eyes, and I want him to marry out of love." The king had replied finally.
The raven-haired male shook his head "But Ogata-sama, If you don't, then the war will still be on. And we'll force all of your people into slavery if you lose."
Takuhiro stayed silent for a moment, then spoke again "I know we'll win. Now leave from the palace, get out before I have my guards kill you."

Shinji smirked, shrugging, getting up and walking out of the room. Yuu and Takanori kicked over the table before leaving with all the sake bottles, and laughed. The leader of the three, still wore that sickening smirk, and chuckled darkly.

"They'll just have to wait for their defeat now. Then it will all be ours."


"Hiroto-sama! Where are you?!" Kouyou called out, worried as he looked around.

They we're split up but in the same part, so they wouldn't get lost either. Kohara had called out the prince's name for hours, and he saw that Suzuki was looking through bushes and trees. Kohara heard crying.

"Did you guys hear that?"

Kazamasa ran into the forest, following the cries, he frowned lightly as he heard it stop, and he crawled out of a bush he had gotten tangled into. He looked around, seeing the big tree and sighed.

"Hiroto-sama?! Wher--"
Kohara gasped loudly as the small prince ran into his arms, feeling the arms wrap around his waist and he sighed in relief "Hiroto-sama, I've found you.."

Hiroto cried into the male's chest as he clung to the other tightly. "I'm sorry, Kazamasa-kun..I'm really sorry for running away.."

The taller male managed to hear when the younger male's voice was muffled against his chest. Kouyou and Akira found Kohara, hugging the prince and they sighed in relief. The tall brunette smiled gently as he spoke.

"Thank goodness we found you Hiroto-sama. Never run off like that again, something could've happened to you!"

Suzuki rubbed the back of his head then sighed "We got off the trail. We're side-tracked. It might take a while till we find the right way to get to Nijo."

Kohara ignored the comment, and kept his embrace on Hiroto. Hiroto stopped crying finally, and he wiped his tears away. The taller of the pair didn't let the prince go just yet though, he wanted this moment last forever. Where they could melt together, and just be 'one'. Hiroto still held onto Kazamasa, and felt that Kouyou had wrapped his arms around the pair.

"You guys, Suzuki-kun, is right. We got off course. We gotta set up camp here tonight, and hopefully the sunlight will help us find the way back to the trail to the castle."

Kouyou smiled, letting go of the pair, and they finally broke the embrace. Hiroto had nodded in agreement, and Kohara doing the same.

"I'm sorry to all of you. For taking our journey off-course. I will work hard tomorrow, I promise." The young prince said to break the silence that washed over them for the past few minutes. The three guards shook their heads and smiled.

"It's not your fault, Hiroto. Don't worry."

Then the camp was formed, the tents we're up, and the fire was made, they sat around the fire as Hiroto began boiling their tea with Kohara. Suzuki was off in the corner of the camp, staring at the moon above them, hearing the wolf howl. Kouyou walked behind the somewhat 'troubled' male, putting a comforting hand on the shoulder.


Akira turned to see Kouyou's face, it looked as if he was worried. Worried about him. "Yeah?"

"Are you alright?"
"I'm fine..Just enjoying the moonlight."
"Your not okay. I can tell. Your if your jealous of the whole thing. If you are, why don't you do something about it instead of just standing here in the corner?"
"..Shut up, Kouyou. I didn't say I was jealous."
"I can tell, I'm not an idiot~ Don't sulk, do something. If he refuses, just try to forget it, or ask him. Ask him how he feels about you."
"Hmm? -- OW!"

Suzuki walked away, leaving the pained Kouyou in the corner of the camp to deal with the pain from the punch on his head. Kohara and Hiroto was enjoying their cup of tea, and the prince handed a cup of tea to the quiet guard. They exchanged smiles as they sipped their tea, watching the moon hover above them. Kouyou finally made his way next to them, and sat to enjoy the tea in the moonlight also. After they had finished, Hiroto was the first to go to his tent and fell asleep. The three guards stared up at the moon, and the quiet one sighed as he retreated to his tent moments after. Leaving Kouyou, with Kohara, he seemed to have alot on his mind. The samurai was looking around the grounds, and frowned as he sighed, bringing a hand to his forehead.

"I don't see the trail."
"Of course you don't, Kohara-kun. It's night hour."
"Oh," He chuckled "You're right, Kouyou-san."
The brunette nodded, and smiled lightly "Hiroto-sama..Your attracted to him, ne?"
Kazamasa coughed, and flushed slightly "Um, Well, I can't lie. I'm attracted to him..Alot."
"Why?" Kouyou questioned, and looked at the other.
"His..poetry, his words, his .." He wasn't going to admit everything to the other male was he? "Well, He's very cute. I love protecting him. I'd give my life for him."
Kouyou smiled, "That's cute."
The dark blonde haired male looked at the other and chuckled "I guess."
"Well, I'm off to bed, you should get some sleep too."

They both nodded to each other, exchanging their goodnights, and Kohara put out the fire, then crawled into the tent where he shared with Hiroto. The prince was curled up on his side, and he looked like a divine angel. He had the urge to just pull him into his arms, and never let go. Then realizing the fact that Hiroto could've woken up, seeing Kazamasa's actions, might startle him. The samurai let out a soft sigh, carefully brushing the hair out of the prince's face. He now laid there, watching the prince sleep as he slowly drifted off to his own slumber.


Takuhiro and Fuushiko sat in their quarters, on their bed. Fuushiko was weaving some clothes together, as if making a bracelet. The king sighed defeatedly, and he felt a caring hand on his shoulder.

"Fuushiko..I got my men ready, they're ready for the battles, and turmoils..But what about Sakamoto..I hope their doing as well as we are. And I'm praying, That our son is making it safely to the castle. He needs to be out of harms way."

Fuushiko hugged her husband from behind, laying her chin upon his shoulder and nodded, "Of course he'll be safe. He has our ancestors watching over them. And he has the trustworthy guards, they'll be just fine. Let's just concentrate on keeping the power in the right hands."

Takuhiro smiled weakly and nodded in agreement "Your right, Let's lay our heads, to ready ourselves for the busy day."

The imperial couple kissed softly and they laid in their bed, falling asleep and waiting for tomorrow to come.


The birds chirping, it was early morning of the next day. Hiroto had awoken early, seeing the sleeping Kazamasa next to him brought a soft smile on his face and he crawled out of the tent, stretching his limbs.

"Ah~ What a beautiful morning."

The prince noticed their bottles of water we're near empty, and since he was the only one up. He took this chance to refill their water, and perhaps take a quick wash in the river. The small brunette smiled, picking up the bottles, walking to the river as it glistened in the slow rising sun. Hiroto filled up the water to the very top, then set them down in the grass by a rock where he slipped off his yukata, folding it and laying it ontop the rock and stepped into the water. Sitting on the shallow side of the river, pouring water over his head and giggled softly. Hiroto felt refreshed as he washed his face with the water and relaxed in the water as he felt so clean.

Back at the camp, Kohara and Akira awoken and walked out of their tents at the same time, they ignored each other after looking at each other. The samurai looked around and looked back at the ninja.

"Where's Hiroto?"

The ninja suddenly realized the small prince was gone, "He's not in the tent?"

"Would I really be asking if he was in there?"

They both sighed and looked around the camp if they could find something that would indicate where the prince have went. Kohara noticed that the bottles we're gone, and he blinked.

"Stay here, I'm going to search the river side. You look into the forest and see if he's there."

Akira nodded and looked off into the forest as Kazamasa made his way to the river. He gasped when he caught sight of Hiroto's yukata on a rock, folded and saw their bottles filled. The samurai walked to the rock quietly, then his eyes widened as he saw Hiroto in the river, naked, having a wash. Kohara heard Hiroto giggling to himself, and it made his cheeks flush lightly as he hid behind the rock. Why was he hiding..? Was it because he caught Hiroto naked? Or the fact that Hiroto looked so heavenly, relaxing in the river, it made rivers, ten times better in his head. That image wouldn't leave his mind. How the rising sun glistened on the prince's skin, how happy he looked by just being in the water. Kazamasa slowly stood up and walked backwards a distance away, seeing Hiroto still relaxing, he didn't want to disturb the other, but he knew if he didn't, Suzuki might come over, and see the sight along with him. The samurai tched lightly and walked foward, as he called out for the prince.

"Hiroto..? Are you here?"

The prince blushed deeply, his cheeks a rather dark hue of red, then he stood from the water, holding his yutaka against his naked body, then coughed as he brushed his hair back.

"Kazamasa..I'm sorry, I just wanted to fill the bottles, I'll be right there, I'll meet you at the c-camp." Then he heard footsteps coming closer.

Hiroto blushed more if possible, holding his yukata close as he saw Kohara walking towards him. The samurai wanted to see the prince blushing, from him, something he caused. He smiled and poked the smaller male's cheek.

"Just get dressed, I'll wait for you, so we can walk together."

The small brunette dressed into his yukata quickly, as he told the samurai to turn around, and blushed as he picked up the bottles. Then walked from behind the rock and felt the weight get lifted from his hands as Kohara had taken them from his arms. The taller male smiled and nodded, feeling the prince hold onto his arm gently as they walked back to the campsite together and they we're both smiling. Akira noticed the two and sighed in relief as Kouyou had finally awoken from his slumber. The gunman stretched his arms out and smiled at everyone.

"Good Morning~" The tall brunette said happily.

The three smiled gently and Hiroto made a motion for Kouyou to come to him and help him set up the breakfast they would eat before leaving to their journey. Akira and Kohara was talking about which direction the trail might be and did so as the other two made the meal over the newly made fire.


Author's Notes :: Wow, I haven't updated in so long, I'm sorry if the story got confusing. I want to continue to finish this, I don't care if I don't have many or any readers, but I hope it's enjoyable for you. I enjoy writing this. And if you have any questions feel free to ask, and I'll try to reply. And please, leave comments and constructed criticism below~ :3

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