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25 November
about me♥hiroto♥

The name is Yomi. aka. Carolyn. I use this blog to just rant, randomstuff, and fanfiction. It may have some vulgar language so please watch out, little ones! D: I'm 18, and currently not being edumacated at the moment, nor have a job. (which I dearly need.xD) I'm going to major in Liberal Arts/New Media Arts: hopefully Animation, and just maybe, a second major in graphic design or something in that area. I'm a person who is caring, fun-loving, and gets along well with others. I don't really tolerate flaming, nor bashing on anything/and or anyone. So don't bother. :3 I love my friends, so I have their back for anything, and I don't go back on them. I love to hang out also, though, everyone is busy with school and work, we have to make some time for fun, right? :] Well, I also like blogging, and playing video games. I play some online games also, WONDERKING, and Maplestory are the main ones. Hit me up sometime, if you play! Well, As you can see, I really love alice nine., they are simply amazing. I really like the Used also atm. :3 I listen to all types of music, mostly visual kei, rock, and screamo. xD I like reading fanfiction, manga, and non-fiction novels. I also watch anime when I have the time too, or when I'm that bored. lol. xD Some hobbies I have is: Drawing, Blogging, Talking/Messaging. Pretty Basic. o: Um..letsee what else I can say. I really love sweets, I can't stand sour stuff. xD wierd fact for people. Um..I don't like drama, nor issues that are pointless, so if your one of those people, i dont want trouble okay? I won't be any trouble to you. I really, really don't know what else to say. So, I guess that's it for now. I love making friends, so if you wanna get to know me, Let's be friends! :D


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