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"Spring Occasions" ShouxHiroto [PG-13 Oneshot!]

Title: "Spring Occasions"
Genre: Springtime fluff, Ametuer comedy, Kissing
Pairing: ShouxHiroto
Disclaimer: Do not own any characters, \(;w;'' /)! Only the PURE fiction story!
Summary: It's a special holiday, and Shou has something planned. Will what he planned work out? Or come to a failure?
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The birds began chirping as the sun arose that Spring. Alarm clock finally goes off as it hits 7:30am. Hiroto sat up in his bed, looking out to the sun outside his windows. "Hmm..I just love spring! It's so warming, and bright~" He got out of his bed, doing the normal morning routine, brushed his teeth, took a quick bath, and got clothed for the day. Alice Nine had practice today and he was eating a light breakfast at his table when he got the call from band mate and boyfriend, Shou. "Hello, Shou?" It was abit noisy at the other end of the line, "At Starbucks aren't you?" Shou chuckled abit nervously "Yeah, Starbucks, Sureeee, Um, Do you want to get picked up to go to practice today?" Hiroto laughed at his boyfriend's nervous tone, "Okay, Sure, You gonna pick me up in..let's see, 10-15 minutes?" The other male nodded with the phone, like as if Hiroto could see him "Yep, See you soon, Babe." They finally hung up and he watched the time as he waited for his lover to pick him up.

Shou on the other hand got up early this morning, to pick up things to make this the perfect day. Sadly, some of the things he had planned had to be picked up after practice, so he'd have to find a way to make sure Hiroto didn't get side-tracked with things and go straight home with him. He sighed and got into his car with his starbucks. "Great, Nothing I can suprise with him now..Just great." Starting his car and drove off to Hiroto's apartment.

Hiroto heard the doorbell ring, and he looked at the screen seeing his boyfriend "Shou!" He opened the door, and jumped onto him. Shou laughed and hugged his little bandmate close. "Good Morning Sunshine, What's up with you? Why so happy today?" The shorter male simply smiled "The great spring scenery awakens my happiness, Silly!" It was the taller male's turn to smile and he nodded, "Yeah, It's beautiful. Well, Let's get to practive before Nao has a burst of anger. We wouldn't want this great day to be ruined, ne?" Hiroto nodded and held his bag then walked with Shou to the car. They climbed into the car, and buckled in then Shou drove off to practice.

"Okay you guys, We gotta make sure Hiroto doesn't find out it's---" Saga was interrupted as the door opened and the said male and boyfriend walked in. "Good Morning, Everyone!" Hiroto exclaimed and hopped over to the couch, then put his bag down and took a sip of his water. "So how long is practice today?" Nao looked abit amused and smiled happily "It's cut short today, since it's a special day, and--" He was cut off as he was kicked in the leg lightly "--HEY!" The short guitarist just blinked and laughed "It is a special day! A spring day!" The taller guitarist coughed lightly and looked at Shou who looked back at him. "Ummm, So how long was practice gonna be?" The drummer cleared his throat "Just for Saga's behavior, we'll have 3 hours instead of 7 hours. I was going to make it 2 hours, but Saga--" Getting cut off again as he was kicked yet again, "--I'll make it 4 if you kick me again!" Saga laughed and walked over to his bass now putting it over his shoulder. "well, let's start our 3 hour practice!" Everyone got to their positions and started their practice from their upcoming live.

After practice, everyone sat on the couches, drinking some water as they put their insturments away. Nao was the first one to leave, since, well, he didn't really have to put his drums away, Saga followed after him since they we're going to hang around Akihabara tonight. Tora soon left after a smoke break he took as he lazily put his guitars away. Which left Shou and Hiroto to themselves in the room. "Ah, Everyone left already! They didn't even stay to help us clean! How rude!" Hiroto chuckled then looked at Shou whom just put all the wires away. "So, Shou, What are we going to do today?" This was a perfect situation, he had it in the palm of his hands now. "Oh, umm--" He was cut off as the younger male chirped in "Gotta pick up my new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Manga today! Want to come with me?" Shou smiled half-heartedly "Only if we go to your place after!" Hiroto nodded and grabbed his bag, then held onto the vocalist's hand "Let's go!" They both walked out of the building, to Shou's car, driving off to the book store. As soon as they got there, Hiroto got caught up in reading some other manga he hasn't been keeping up with. Shou looked at the time and looked at the smaller male reading so excitedly "Ne, Hiroto, I have something to pick up, Did you want to stay and read here for abit? It'll take an hour the most." Hiroto looked up at the other, and smiled "Ah, Okay! Make sure you bring me a drink okay? I'm going to be thristy by then, and let's go eat something after ne?" Shou smiled back and nodded "Yeah, Sure thing." They gave each other a tight, loving hug, and the taller male kissed his lover's forehead. "Okay, See you soon." Shou walked out of the store, and drove off to the bakery quickly, and florist. After that he drove to Hiroto's home, setting up the perfect scene, and put the big surprise in the fridge before leaving a present on the table.

An hour past, and Hiroto finally finished catching up with his manga, holding his latest volume in his hand, he looked up and saw Shou walk into the store. "Shou!" Shou wrapped his arms around Hiroto and smiled "Hey, Just made the hour, huh?" The guitarist nodded and smiled "Yeah, or I would've kicked your butt!" The vocalist chuckled and held the other's hand as they walked out to the car, after the buckled in, he handed the other his drink. "Here, Peach juice." Hiroto's eyes lit up "Wah! Thank you!" Opening the can and sipping at it as he read over his manga again. "So, Hiroto, You really don't know what today is, huh?" The said male blinked, and looked at his lover who drove. "What do you mean? It's not an annervesary, or anything..or..." He thought about and heard the older male chuckle. "Ah, Won't you tell me what today is?" Shou shook his head "Not yet." They arrived at Hiroto's home, and he looked back at the small male who was still thinking about what today was. "Well, I have a surprise for you..cover your eyes when we walk in." Hiroto did so as they both got out of the car, he was lead to into his home as he covered his eyes. Shou did some finishing touches and held a plate before his lover. "Open your eyes now." The younger male slowly opened his eyes and he saw the vase of flowers on the table, a present wrapped elegantly there, and a chocolate cake in Shou's hands "Ah..Today is.." Shou smiled and nodded "Yes, Today is White day. You forgot, and I'm somewhat glad for that. I love you Hiroto, and..Thanks for always staying by my side." Hiroto smiled happily as his cheeks grew a light shade of pink "Aww..That's so sweet Shou!! Of course I'd stay by your side, forever even!" They hugged each other tightly after Shou put the cake down, and they shared a loving kiss together. Sitting at the table, the fed each other some of the cake, and Shou watched Hiroto open the present, it was a book. Hiroto blinked at it "A book? what kind of book is this?" Shou simply smiled, "Open it, I made it specially for you." As he opened the book, the first blank black page, in gold lettering embedded into the paper, 'To my Love, Hiroto. My we always share the beautiful seasons together. Love, Shou.' Hiroto smiled happily, as the flipped through the colourful pages of the different scenery of the different seasons. "Aw..This is a wonderful gift. Thank you so much Shou." The vocalist nodded, and hugged his lover close "It was hard for you not to notice me taking those pictures last year..I worked very hard for this book." The guitarist nodded and hugged it close "It's the best book i've ever seen." They shared yet another loving kiss, and they held each other as they watched a romantic movie on their couch. Happily Together. "May our springs always end up like this..Hiroto..I love you so much." Hiroto chuckled and looked up at Shou "I love you too Shou. I want all our seasons to end up like this."

A few days later....

"Shou..You know what I just noticed..?" Hiroto said out of the blue before practice started and everyone was sitting at the couches. Shou looked at his lover and tilted his head to the side abit "What is it?" The small guitarist pouted and pointed at himself "Since we celebrated White Day, does that mean your calling me a girl?!" The vocalist widened his eyes, "Er...No..I just thought..since in the relationship..your kinda..gir--" Hiroto pouted even more "H-How mean! I didn't even say I was a girl!" Shou hugged his lover close and shook his head "I'm not mean, you're just too cute for me to argue with. Please forgive me, my dear girlfriend" Hiroto frowned still and looked at Shou "Just for that, No more fun time then!" It was Shou's turn to pout now "Oh Hiroto! Don't take it seriously I was only kidding! Come on! Or I'll make play time happen right now." The younger guitarist blinked at Shou and tried to get away "Noooo~~!" The other three bandmates left out there, with no words to say. "What...a...lover's quarrel...I guess, that's what sometimes the season does to you. Makes you abit....happy..?" Nao says lightly, and the other two walk off. "Hey wait!" The drummer follows after them. "Don't leave me hereeeeeeeee!"


A/N: um, so you can leave your constructive critism below~ Thanks for taking your time to read my story! And the holiday White Day, i'm sure you all know of it, its when the male figure gives back to the female figure for what they do for them on valentines day. It's actually held on march 14th.

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